World Wide Maze

The idea of syncing your Google Chrome experience across various devices isn’t new, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. Now Google is taking that syncing experience a step further with a new game called Chrome World Wide Maze.

The idea is pretty simple and requires no additional app outside of Chrome. The game turns your favorite websites into 3D mazes on your desktop or laptop screen. You then must tilt your way through the maze using your smartphone to control a ball on the map.

Even more impressive is just how damn responsive the game is. When you turn your phone, your other computing device responds instantly, making the experience on both synced devices as seamless as possible.


Outside of working your way through a maze, you also collect gems for points and must make it through the maze before a timer runs out. Fall off a ledge or fail to get through the level in time? You get two “extra lives”, and then it’s game over.

Tilting games aren’t anything new, but somehow Google has managed to take something tried and true — if not a little boring — and turned it into something fun and uniquely Google.

How do you know if your phone will work with the game or not? All you need is a phone running Android 4.0 or higher. Those with iPhones running iOS 5 with Chrome installed can also get in on the action. What if you don’t have a newer smartphone that supports the Chrome browser? No worries, you can still play the game using your keyboard as the controller instead.

Chrome World Wide Maze isn’t something particularly revolutionary that will change your life, but it could certainly be a fun time-waster that lets you experience your favorite sites on the net in a whole new way. It also marks the second time that Google has shown off the gaming potential of Tab Sync.

What do you think of Chrome World Wide Maze, how does it compare to Super Sync Sports? To check it out for yourself, just hit up Chrome’s new Maze page.

Andrew Grush
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