If you are not familiar with Chrome Dev, it allows Google to play around with experimental Chrome features before making their debut in the stable Chrome app. Appropriately, this is where Google seems to be testing out a revamped search widget that looks to be significantly faster than the current version.

If you want to give the widget a trial run, you will first need to download Chrome Dev from the Play Store. After doing so, go to your home screen to access your widgets, find Chrome Dev, and drag the widget to wherever you want. Aesthetically, you will notice how the widget now says “Search with Google” instead of just the Google logo on the left.

When you tap on the widget, it instantly launches a search in Chrome Dev, with the keyboard and auto-suggestions also immediately pulled up. This is a small, but welcome, change, since it speeds up the process of searching ever so slightly more than before.

Even if it is a small change, it shows that search is still the heartbeat of Google’s business. This is why Google also spruced up its search app and mobile website to find events easier: Google wants you to search as painlessly and quickly as possible while making the process look halfway decent.

The new search widget is still in its experimental stage, which is why it is limited to Chrome Dev version 60 for now. It will trickle down to the standard version of Chrome for those who do not want their mobile browser breaking on them, but it might take some time for it to do so.

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