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Google Chrome apps for Android may see beta release in January

According to the Lead Dev Relations for Chrome apps - Joe Marini - the Chrome apps for Android/iOS toolkit may see a beta release as early as January of 2014.
December 3, 2013
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Back in September Google unveiled “desktop apps for Chrome”, bringing us special offline apps that were built using JavaScript, HTML and CSS and could work outside of the Chrome browser. Not only did these packaged apps play nicely with Chrome OS, but there was also planned support for multiple other desktop OSes including Windows and OS X.

At the time of the announcement, Chrome VP Brian Rakowski commented on how the long-term goal was to bring Chrome apps everywhere — mobile included. While Google has been relatively quiet about when we might see Chrome apps come to the mobile world, the Next Web has learned that the toolkit designed for creating Chrome apps for Android and iOS is already pretty far along.

Right now the project is listed in a GitHub repository called “Mobile Chrome Apps”, led by Google software developer Michal Mocny. The project isn’t yet ready for primetime, but Joe Marini (Lead Dev Relations for Chrome apps) states that they hopes to have “something in beta form in January”.

Eventually the goal will be to polish up the toolkit enough that these Chrome mobile apps can then be published to Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Once they are ready, Android 4.x or better will be required in order to use the Chrome apps.

Although we’ve known for a while now that Google plans to bring Chrome-powered apps to all mobile and desktop platforms, it’s still nice to see further proof that the project is coming along nicely.

Google has yet to comment any further on their plans for Chrome apps for Android and iOS, but a source close to the company says that developers can try out the tools from the GitHub now, even if Google isn’t quite ready to officially announce anything.

What do you think of the idea of Chrome apps for Android? Excited by the prospect, or not?