Google accomplished the impossible some years ago, creating a car that can operate itself and take you wherever you want. The Search Giant wowed us with its demonstration. It was a dream come true, the self-driving car was real and it could drive safer than any human being.

Fast-forward some years and Google has covered countless miles of testing without a single incident. It was time for the self-driving car to evolve, so Google introduced the cutest cars you have ever seen in your life. Often called “pod cars”, these vehicles offered completely autonomous experience, with no steering wheel or pedals for human control.

In addition, it was the first time Google manufactured a full-operating car. Past iterations were simply other commercially available vehicles with self-driving adaptations installed.

Is taking away manual controls a good move? Many worries surround these driverless cars. Some worry they could be used as bombs, but most believe the systems could fail and cause accidents. While statistics prove machines can drive better than humans, the California government is taking baby steps with this novelty technology.

California has created new laws on autonomous cars, stating they are only allows in public roads if the “driver” can take full control of the vehicle at any given time, shall anything go wrong.

Google has decided to comply with California’s rules. They still plan to create those 100 vehicles, while adding steering wheels and pedals. The other options were to test the cars in private roads or outside California.

These additions are said to be “temporary”, meaning Google may be trying to work something out in the future.