android device manager call back lock screen

Google just added a very useful feature to its find my phone service, Android Device Manager.

When you lock your phone from either the Android Device Manager web app or the Android app (latest version), you can now add a phone number so whoever has your precious device can easily contact you right from the phone.

Previously, you could only add a custom message, like “Call 555-332-9990!” and hope that the person holding your phone will contact you from a different device. You still get the custom message, but the green button should make the process easier, provided of course that the person who sees it actually wants to help.

To use the feature, go to the ADM web app or the Android app and select the Lock option – set a new password, enter the number of a phone you have access to, and click Lock. The action will replace your current security measure (pattern, PIN, etc.) with a password lock screen, and it works even if you disabled the lock screen.

On tablets and other non-phone devices, the Lock option remains unchanged.

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