The way the system worked before, searching through your various Google services was a pain. If you wanted something in Google Drive, you had to open up Google Drive and search for it. Then switch to another service to search within it. It’s a problem Google is looking to fix with a personal search update.

A few months back, Google decided to test out a remedy to this by field testing a personal search that searched all of your Google services no matter which one you were using at the time. So you could search for something in Gmail and your Google Calender results would also pop up. Apparently the test was successful because Google has just announced an extended field trial.

This doesn’t just extend into your personal services. Sure it’s pretty awesome to search your Gmail while in Google Drive, but the functionality also extends to regular old Google search as well. When searching, the right margin will be used for results that pop up in your various Google services.

How do we get signed up for this new Google search?

The search engine giant has provided additional information and a quick link to get you started on their Google+ post here. It’s really easy. You click on the link in the post and simply join the field trial. It may take a bit to kick in, though.

While very small, this update to the services can be a big deal if you use the services frequently. Those with a large number of items in their Drive, Calender, Gmail, etc, will have an easier way to move around all the services and find what they need. It likely won’t be very long before this feature is permanently implemented, but Google always runs the public trial first.

You can also opt out of the trial whenever you want by going to the same link you used to sign up and simply opting out. For those who have given it a shot, has it been a noticeable improvement for you? Or has it been not such a big deal? Let us know your reactions.

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