One of the reasons why people love the Android Market is because Google takes an extra step to keep the Market adware and malware free. Unfortunately, there are some times where these manage to sneak past the security Google has already set up. To answer this, Google has decided to release Google Bouncer; which is an automatic scanning software which will search, analyze, and remove malicious applications that are on the Market. The software scans both existing and future apps found on the Android Market, as well as news applications submitted to it.

With this, both Android owners and developers are happy knowing that such a software exists. Through the software, users get to have a protection against harmful apps. Meanwhile, developers get to have an assurance that their apps are approved faster.

The Bouncer software is believed to send a red flag to bad behaving apps. Once it has been found suspicious and dangerous, it will automatically be removed from the Android Market. At the same time, the developer’s account will be flagged for repeated malicious behavior. In addition, apps which are too spammy and do not have enough purpose will also be removed by Bouncer.

The development of the Google Bouncer is suspected to be brought about by the recent malware scare that only turned out to be a very aggressive ad network.


As of this writing, the Android Market has over 11 million apps submitted to it. It has also obtained 11 billion app downloads, which is slowly gaining momentum on its rival Apple app store’s 18 billion app downloads.


Christine Torralba
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