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Poland could get Google Books, Music, and Movies in near future

Google could be activating Google Books, Music, and Movies in the near future.
January 29, 2013
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It’s no secret that Google services aren’t available everywhere. There are many countries around the world that can’t access some of Google’s best services, like Music, Books, or Movies. It is something Google is actively working on but roll outs to various countries have been slow going. It appears that Google Books, Movies, and Music will be made available to Poland very soon.

A post on Reddit revealed that Google has been testing Google Books and Movies in Poland. According to the post, random devices in Poland already have full access to Google Books, Movies, and Music. The implication being that these services will be available wide spread soon.

A forum thread at seems to agree with the statement made on Reddit. There are screen shots of the services working on a device in Polish. If all of this is legitimate, then Poland could see these services appearing very soon.

So Google Books, Music, and Movies are really coming to Poland?

There seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that it will. It seems to be showing up on devices randomly, so not everyone has access. The popular opinion is that Google is doing a partial roll out of Google Books, Movies, and Music to test before allowing it for everyone. This would explain why some have it and others don’t.

Of course, this could all be a hoax. There are well known and readily available ways to fake device location. Using proxies can make your device appear to be in the United States, which would give access to all these services. Just make sure the system language is in Polish and everything would come up in the proper language. In addition, there are build.prop changes that rooted devices can make to make it appear to be a different device to the Play Store, which could also affect content.

There is no reason to believe that Google Books, Music, and Movies won’t be available in Poland soon. Whether it’s been rolled out to some people already or not is up for debate. Could Poland be next on the list to get Google services? Is anyone excited about it?