Baidu, the Chinese counterpart of Google search, has announced of its plans to create its own OS for its consumers. Although it has already replaced Google apps and services on Android phones in China, the company is targeting a new OS that will follow the formatting and style of the Android OS.


Baidu said they will compete against Google Places with their own Maps, provide consumers with an ebook reader app that’s similar with the Apple’s iBooks, and its own music player. The company is also planning to add apps with a Chinese character input tool to cater their target consumers’ needs.

Aside from competing with Google, Baidu is dreaming big by rivaling Apple’s iPhone, which just made entry in the country earlier this year. To make its presence known, the company will sign a partnership with the largest carrier in the country, the China Mobile.

Abandoning Google

Android is currently suffering from inconsistent and fragmented apps added by individual phone makers and carriers for users to enjoy. With so many versions as an option, no one is sure which one Baidu will be basing their OS upon.


Apple on the other hand, has eliminated the ability of app developers to hold back their updates in order to maintain the sole ownership of the update system of iOS. Google on the other hand, has done the opposite due to the technical barriers developers and users often face. This issue complicates the ability of developers to launch their latest Android apps thus, discouraging them to update their previous device models or make it available to users several months after Google releases a new build.

Half of Android users are still using Android 2.2 Froyo, 30 percent are using the Android 2.3 Gingerbread and about 16 percent have smart phones running on versions older than Froyo.

Since Baidu will only be limited to China Mobile users, Google should not be intimidated with their new competition and instead, focus on improving their new version and apps updates.

via Apple Insider

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