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Hangouts is now part of Google Apps for Business, offers enhanced enterprise experience

Google has announced it is adding Hangouts as part of the Google Apps for Business experience, also removes G+ account requirement for enterprise users with a Google Apps for Business account.
July 30, 2014

Today Google has announced a few changes for Hangouts that will help it stand out in the business world. First and foremost, Hangouts is now included as part of Google apps for Business.

This change means that Hangouts is now supported at the same level as other parts of the Google apps for Business suite, with Google guaranteeing uptime 99.9% of the time, 24/7 phone support and all the other perks that you’d expect. Being part of Google Apps for Business also means IT admins will have the power to manage meetings from the Google Apps Admin Console, allowing them to remotely start, mute and end these meetings.

business users will no longer ned a Google+ account, as long as they have a Google Apps customer account

Probably of even bigger importance is that fact that business users will no longer need a Google+ account, as long as they have a Google Apps customer account. This means even non-G+ users will be able to participate in these meetings on desktop computers and on Chrombox for Meeting devices. Google says the G+ requirement will remain for tablet and phone users, though this limitation will eventually be lifted here as well.

When Google first announced Chromebox for Meetings, it was clear that video conferencing was an important area of focus for the company and today’s announcements simply expand their dedication to providing solid enterprise solutions. Any of our readers utilize Google Apps for Business or Hangouts at work? What do you think of these changes?