Did you know that Google has reached more than three billion applications downloaded from the time the Android Market started its operation? During its Q1 profit review, Google revealed a 50% increase regarding the number of application downloads since Q4 of 2010. Very imposing, isn’t it? Actually, Google did not have specific details as to what applications are being downloaded repeatedly. Meaning to say, there is a possibility that a percentage of applications are only being re-downloaded to restore those applications that have been deleted. Nevertheless, this is still remarkable.

Furthermore, Google is activating 350,000 devices every day, may it be an Android smartphone or an Android tablet. If you will try to calculate it, that would be almost 128 million smartphones or tablets every year. Yes, you’ve read it right, millions of Android devices! That’s probably why it’s not so shocking that Google has reached more than three billion applications downloaded in such a short period of time. And, it would not be impossible that Google will reach four billion application downloads much faster than when it reached more than three billion.

Based on AppBrain, the Android Market is made up of almost 170,000 applications. 38% of these applications are rated as low quality applications. Google has been made famous when it comes to getting rid of underrated or applications of no use every quarter, so the numbers are likely to vary. However, the trend is continuously increasing and this will going to be the significant factor to the everlasting increasing trend of Android’s application downloads.

Based on these facts, what do you think the future of Android looks like?

Source: Androinica