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Google takes Apple's crown as world's most valuable brand - BrandZ Top 100

Google has beaten Apple for the #1 spot in the BrandZ Top 100 list of companies with highest brand value. This is all thanks to Google seeing an appreciable 40% increase to $159 billion in estimated brand value.
May 21, 2014
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Google has finally beaten Apple for the #1 spot in the BrandZ Top 100 list. Apple fell from the top thanks to a steep 20% fall in estimated brand value, all while Google saw an appreciable 40% increase to $159 billion.

The study takes into account views of potential and current buyers, as well as financial data, to calculate a brand’s worth. This means it could be a bit more fair than the usual statistics-only research. Let’s dig into what’s going on here, though. How could Apple see such a drop while Google leaped by 40%?

When people hear innovation, they think Google, not Apple

It is argued Apple is no longer making products and services that are truly innovative. This doesn’t mean Apple is losing its foothold, though. Apple continues to be the best-performing manufacturer in the market, but it is no longer perceived as the most influential brand around.

“Apple’s been known for earth-shattering, category-creating, revolutionary products. And I would say just recently Apple’s innovations have been more evolutionary than revolutionary. I think that may have played a little bit in the drop from first to second,” said Oscar Yuan, VP at Millward Brown Optimor, the company that conducted the BrandZ Top 100 study.

It is true we have seen a decline in true innovation, but this is nothing old. Apple’s strategy has been to play it safe for quite some years now. Though their products are getting better, that is all they are doing – improving, not innovating.

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It’s fair to say Google is not afraid of taking risks. The company is changing the future and molding it into a whole new world. Of course, it helps that Android and Google Search keep growing. These are the bread and butter of the Search Giant now, but there is so much beyond these two Google giants.

They have been working on projects like the self-driving car, Project Loon, Google Glass, and Android Wear, to name a few. These are revolutionizing the way we look at technology and the world. These are not just cool new phones and devices, they are “game-changers”. All of this translates into great profits, growing numbers and a good image that is hard to beat.

Other tech companies in the top 10 are Microsoft (#4), IBM (#5), AT&T (#8), and Amazon (#10). Samsung recorded a 20% increase in estimated brand value, but only ranks the 29th in the BrandZ top. Check out the full report and the full chart for more information.