Heads up, Android devs: it’s now easier than ever to localize your app, thanks to the newly launched App Translation Service from Google.

Google unveiled the App Translation Service on stage during the Google I/O 2013 keynote, back in May. The service allows developers to request translations from specialized providers right from the Developer Console, for a fee that Google says ranges between $75 for a small app and $150 for a large one.

app translation service

Previously, app developers had to find translation firms on their own, losing time and potentially money in the process. With the App Translation Service, which is now open to all developers, devs only need to supply a list of strings they want translated, and they’ll receive the translated text right in the console, hassle-free.

Google touted the benefits of localizing apps in a blog post and on its developers page, citing massive increases in downloads and app engagement. For instance, the makers of the popular Zombie Ragdoll game used Google’s translation service and localized marketing campaigns to reach an impressive 80 percent of their install base from non-English locales.

Hopefully, Google’s new service will mean more high quality apps for everyone and a stronger developer base for Android.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.