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Planning your day can get a bit tricky with so many factors getting in the way, but Google aims to make it all easier with its search app. The Google Search app can find businesses and showcase their hours, location, a photo, busy times, reviews and more. It is very handy and today Google is adding a very cool feature to the collection.

Screenshot_2016-07-16-12-25-18-64Starting now, users will also see a new section dubbed “Plan your trip”. This will showcase an estimate amount of time people usually stick around at a certain place.

Aside from letting you plan your trip better, it might serve as an indication of how entertaining a place is. For example, a bar with an estimated stay of 30 minutes is probably not that good.

Google Search has become much more than a simple tool meant for searching other sources in the internet. It seems to be a platform of its own. Its knowledge graph can pull up all kinds of details, all without you even visiting any other website. Google can even give you earthquake summaries, show live TV listings, stream apps, connect you with service workers and much more.

“Plan your trip” will be very welcomed as the latest addition to the Google app. Will you be taking advantage of it?

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.