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WSJ: Google Android console, smartwatch, and new Nexus Q coming; at least one to launch this fall

A new WSJ report says that Google is building an Android-powered console, smartwatch and a new Nexus Q media device, with at least one of the launching by fall. Read on for more details!
June 27, 2013
Google Nexus

A new Wall Street Journal report says that Google is working on a bunch of new Android devices, “as the Internet company seeks to spread the software’s domination beyond smartphones and tablets,” and prove itself as a hardware maker.

These new devices include an Android console, a smartwatch and a new Nexus Q media device, at least according to unnamed people that are familiar with the matter. At least one of them is expected to be launched this fall, although we’re yet to find out which one will be chosen.

The Console

Apparently one of the reasons behind creating an Android console and smartwatch is to have such products ready to compete against similar products that Apple may release in the future. The iPhone maker is rumored to work on a smartwatch of its own and “launch a videogame console as part of its next Apple TV product release.”

In addition to making sure it has competing products for potential Apple products, Google is also said to have been keeping tabs on Ouya, a company that has been getting a lot of attention ever since raising funds to build its $99.99 Android-based console – a product that has just started selling.

Details on the console are scarce, as you can see, but we’re definitely interested to see how such a product would look like and what it would have to offer. At least two new consoles are coming this fall from traditional players in the gaming business, including the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4.

The Watch

Not many details are known about Google’s future smartwatch, although we will remind you that we got wind of such plans just ahead of Google I/O 2013. Moreover, newly discovered patent applications show how Google envisions such a product.

The WSJ now says that Google’s smartwatch – a name for the product has not been given apparently – will connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, and that’s about everything those people “familiar with the matter” revealed. Of course, that’s what’s expected from a smartwatch – to connect to other devices, particularly mobile ones.

We would assume the device would run Android, just like Google Glass, and offer various smart features, just like other similar products.

nexus Q delayed

The new Nexus Q

For whatever reason, Google is apparently working a next-generation Nexus Q, although the first one was not a success.

Not many details about the device are known at the time, but the people in the know say the device, destined to help Google sell more movies and music, will be “much less expensive.” The original Nexus Q had a retail price of $299, but, again, it was not a success.

Other products

In addition to these three particular products, Google is also reportedly working on its own “low-cost Android smartphones” for developing markets (the Motorola DFX by any chance?), and the company is ready to let its partners use Android to power other devices than smartphones and tablets.

The first such products that come to mind are Android laptops (and desktops), which should be available later this year – we have already seen a dual-booting Android/Windows convertible laptop get official and an Android-powered all-in-one. The WSJ specifically mentions HP working on Android-powered laptops running “the next version of the software,” but there certainly are other OEMs in the PC industry that will embrace Android.

Home appliances are also listed among future devices that will come with Android pre-loaded, although we’re going to have to wait and see what that means.

Interestingly, the WSJ story doesn’t mention new Nexus devices – well, not counting the Nexus Q, the new Nexus 7 or Nexus 5 aren’t referred to in the story.

Wrap up

Naturally, even if the WSJ is more than a trusted source, we will remind you that these products are not confirmed at this time, and we can’t be certain when they’ll arrive and in what order. So make sure you take everything with a grain of salt for the time being.

While Google refused to comment on the matter, just like with other Google products, we expect to see plenty of leaks and rumors surrounding their launch, so make sure to follow us for more news regarding the Google Android console, smartwatch, new Nexus Q, and whatever other hardware the company may build in the near future.