Google announced, just one day before releasing two brand new Android devices to China, that both releases will be delayed indefinitely due to intensifying battle between Google and China’s censorship laws.  The devices, both set to launch with China Unicom included one Motorola device and one Samsung device.  Google is currently in a heated battle with China after a cyber attack was supposedly launched by China’s government against Google in an effort to try and gather information about key Chinese human rights advocates by accessing their Gmail accounts.  This problem has gotten so large that the United States government, led by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is now speaking to China’s government in Google’s defense.

What good is a Google phone without the ability to use Google search and applications on it?  Samsung, Motorola, and China Unicom are all remaining silent as they watch the battle of the Goliaths ensue.   Any bets on who will cave in first?

[via MobileBurn]