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According to, suppliers of detailed, quality market research to the global electronics industry, Apple and Google will together capture 75 percent of the tablet computer market through 2010. This market is expected to be worth $3.6 billion this year. This leaves plenty of room for others to get involved too.

IMS analyst Anna Hunt expects that Google’s Android will take up 24 percent of the market, roughly half of Apple and more than double of what Windows 7 is expected to do. Aside from size dimensions, what makes for a tablet as opposed to a smartphone is something I have yet to understand. According to IMS’ report, the Dell Mini5 is a tablet and as we know is expected to launch later this year in the US. Several other Android models will feature Nvidia’s delayed Tegra chipset, including the Adam from Notion Ink. Indeed, ViewSonic are set to offer the Android based VTablet 101.

Although Google’s Android falls in second place, somewhat far behind Apple, Android based tablet sales should do well in light of a “strong developer ecosystem and competitively priced content and services.”

“Suppliers are realizing the importance of content and service and many are turning to the Android ecosystem to be able to offer the complete user experience and compete with Apple’s offering,” Hunt said.

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