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Harness the power of Google Analytics from scratch

Google Analytics is the definitive data analysis tool. Get the skills you need to pursue a data-driven career for only $41.
November 17, 2019
Google Analytics for Beginners

You can have all of the data in the world, but it’s only as good as your ability to analyze it. Luckily for all of you data rookies, Google is way ahead of you. Google Analytics is one of the world’s most popular analytics tools and you can pick up the Google Analytics for Beginners course for just $41 with our promo code.

If you’re new to the world of analytics, this course has the word beginner right in the name. You’ll start with the very basics of Google Analytics and generate reports quickly. Almost any marketing role requires experience in Analytics, so this is perfect for your resume.

Start thinking like an analyst in under seven hours of training.

After you learn how to run your reports, you have to know what to do with them. You’ll have the opportunity to go hands-on with discovering conversion opportunities. Mastering Google Analytics is the first step to fine-tuning your business strategies.

Chris Mercer is your guide for this deep dive into Google Analytics. Mercer is a cofounder of Seriously Simple Marketing and has lectured on Analytics all across the globe, including Digital Elite Camp.

Google Analytics for Beginners highlights:

  • Understand the basics and learn to think like an analyst.
  • Find conversion opportunities and analyze marketing campaigns.
  • Use your information to improve your product, marketing, and strategy decisions.
  • Market your new skills for an analysis-focused career change.

Google Analytics for Beginners has a retail value of just under $500, but you can get started for just $41. All you have to do is use the promo code BFSAVE15 at the Tech Deals checkout for an extra 15% off.

This deal ends in only a few days, so hit the button below and start analyzing.

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