Google Allo vs. iMessage

Google has updated its Allo messaging app that is now a lot more useful to those who spend a lot of time in their car. The latest update adds Android Auto support, so you can enjoy hands-free messaging while you’re on the road.

Up until now, when you received a message on Allo while using the Android Auto app, the notification disappeared behind the main interface. This has changed with the latest update, as you can see all the messages on the screen and are able to reply with your voice. The app will also read the messages you received aloud, so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Additionally, the new update also adds animated emojis, which should make your conversations even more interesting, and takes care of a few bugs to make sure the app runs as smooth as possible.

It is no secret that Allo isn’t quite as popular as some have expected it to be. For now, it is far behind its rivals in terms of market share, which is something that Google obviously wants to change. In addition to the latest update that brings a few new features to the app, the tech giant also announced that it plans on bringing Allo to desktops, all in hopes of getting more users on board.

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