Google came out today and confirmed that it is working on a software patch to address the 3G connectivity problems that some Nexus One users are experiencing. Google is currently testing the patch and will roll it out as an OTA update to handsets in the next few weeks. Google deftly points out that not all 3G issues will be improved by the fix and that some of the problem stems from T-Mobile’s weak 3G footprint which leaves many users right on the verge of 3G coverage or without 3G coverage. Google can not force T-Mobile to expand it’s 3G network to appease Nexus One customers but it can release a handset with AT&T friendly 3G bands (Hint, Hint). Getting the Nexus One on AT&T may not be a panacea for the Nexus One’s 3G woes but it certainly cant hurt.

[via Engadget and Google Nexus One support forum]