aa-19-dGoogle have updated local search for mobile and also added the ability to synchronize your mobile and desktop searching. Local search for mobile is primarily just a redesign, and is best described by Google’s own words.

Today we’re introducing a redesigned local search experience on your phone that integrates with Google Maps on your computer and includes browseable categories that let you search without typing.

At the moment this updated Local Search is only available in the US and China but can be accessed on any device, not just those running Android. Slightly more interesting, however, is the new synchronization feature that Google are now offering for those running Android (iPhone and WebOS are also included). This is a nifty feature that allows you to keep track of your search history on your smart-phone and desktop computer. This makes it super easy to look-up your past searches, something I personally find very useful, as I have a memory like a sieve and this will be a real time saver. Just make sure you have Web History enabled on your Google Account. Do a search from your PC and it will appear on your recent searches form your mobile. Nice.

For more information on the updates to Google Local Search visit their announcement here. For the more interesting synchronization feature, click here for more information.