Google purchasing Waze

Over the weekend, we told you about Google’s bid for Waze being on the horizon. The reported $1.3 billion price tag would eventually marry Waze with Maps, providing a better real-time traffic picture.

As it turns out, those reports were pretty spot on.

Today, Google announced they have inked the deal for Waze. While terms weren’t disclosed in the official blog post, most of the other news was. The two will operate separately for now, opting to share functionality and information rather than completely merge. Waze functions will be slipped into Maps, and the powerful Google search will pop into Waze.

[quote qtext=”“We’ll also work closely with the vibrant Waze community, who are the DNA of this app, to ensure they have what’s needed to grow and prosper. The Waze community and its dedicated team have created a great source of timely road corrections and updates. We welcome them to Google and look forward to working with them in our ongoing effort to make a comprehensive, accurate and useful map of the world.”” qperson=”Brian McClendon” qsource=”Offical Google blog” qposition=”center”]

Once again, Google makes strides in the field of contextual data. We can only hope Waze is fully implemented soon, as it’s a great app with a ton of promise for Google.

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