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Google acquires Emu, one of the best smart messaging services around

Google's list of acquisitions extends to lengthy measures intervals, but their latest purchase happens to be a very interesting and exciting one.
August 6, 2014
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Google’s list of acquisitions extends to lengthy measures, but their latest purchase happens to be a very interesting and exciting one. Emu is a smart messaging service with features you will be be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. What does Google want with it?

Well, first things first – they want to kill it. The guys at Emu have announced that in order to make their transition to Google, the current app will have to be retired. It will no longer be available in the App Store starting August 25th. Don’t claim victory if you leave the app installed, either, as even those users won’t be able to send, receive or download messages.


After that, we can expect Emu’s unique features to start showing up on Google’s services. We don’t know exactly how much will be ported (if anything). Features do include the ability to start actions based on your messages. It is possible to schedule an event in your calendar if you talk to other users about doing a something together, for example.

Users could also do things like pull up reviews about restaurants or movies they are talking about, all straight from the IM application. In short, it goes through your conversations to find information you are likely to find helpful or interesting.

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This system goes right in line with what Google has been accomplishing with its own messaging services. As a major data and information miner, it’s easy for Google to pull up all your personal content and bring you cool features like the Gmail unsubscribe link they introduced this morning. Gmail information can also be pulled by Google Now, Calendar and Maps.

I will guess Google is trying to improve its cross-service syncing with this acquisition, something many of us will find quite exciting. Of course, this won’t be good news to current Emu users, but maybe they can switch to Hangouts once the transition has concluded?