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Google acquires wireless communication startup Alpental Technologies

Google has confirmed that it purchased the wireless-communications startup Alpental Technologies a few weeks ago. What could this mean for Google Fiber?
June 20, 2014

Google has added another company to its growing list of purchases. Google has confirmed that it recently bought the wireless-communications startup Alpental Technologies a few weeks ago, although the spokesperson who confirmed the acquisition declined to comment on exactly why the company made the purchase. However, we do know that Alpental describes its own product as a “self-organizing, ultra-low power Gigabit wireless technology”.

It’s unclear how much Google splashed out for Alpental, but the startup had raised $850,000 in funding for product development on its own. Alpental has been working on a cheap, high-speed wireless communication service. The technology makes use of the 60GHz band, according to a communication between Alpental engineers and the FCC last year, which has historically been used for high-capacity indoor networking and extending internet services over the air.

Interestingly, the FCC stated last year that this band could be opened up to provide wireless connections over a distance of up to a mile and at speeds up to seven gigabits per second. As Google plans to further expand its high speed fiber optic internet network throughout the US, this wireless technology could prove hugely valuable when rolling out an ultra-fast network city wide in a short space of time.

Alpental has reported also been developing technology related to 5G wireless networks, although exact details are a little hard to come by. Google may be interested in such a technology if it is to follow through on the rumor that it is considering its own wireless carrier service. These wireless technologies could also tie into Google’s plans for Project Loon, or its satellite internet program.

We will have to wait and see exactly what Google has in mind for Alpental’s technologies, but it seems likely that Google plans to extend its high speed internet services.