Google I/O’s keynote is in full swing, and as expected, one of the first things that Sundar Pichai talked about was the current number of Android activations and other related stats.

The biggest news is that there are now over one billion 30-day active users on the Android platform. This year, Google moved to the new metric of active monthly users, from the number of activations figure it used at previous editions of Google I/O. Last year, Google announced 900 million Android activations at I/O 13.

Pichai further revealed that 20 billion texts are sent each day on Android, 93 million selfies, and 1.4 trillion steps are walked. Folks also check their phones 100 billion times a day combined, according to Google.

Another important stat is that Android now makes up 62% of the tablet market, up from 46% last year and 39% the year before. This is just the beginning, however, as Google has also introduced a new initiative for bringing in more users in developing markets and beyond, called Android One.

Stay tuned to Android Authority, as we’ll have plenty more in store for you.

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