HTC fans should be excited on the software update recently released by the company for their Droid Incredible devices. The versions 4. 06.605.2 and 4.06.605.3 have provided several improvements for the device, as well as an Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS update.

What to expect from Version 4.06.605.2

There are many features offered by the new software update including improved Bluetooth functionality and resolved issues with the phone’s voice command option. As you install the software update, you will also update the hardware information, allowing your phone to adjust to the right screen dimensions. Aside from the resolved voice command issues, the Version 4.06.605.2 software update also resolved problems with the ‘Verizon’ category in Android Market, as well as bug fixes on Location dialog pop-up after every restart of the device.

The HTC Droid Incredible also showed improved Email and Messaging features after the update, with the MO-SMS or Mobile Originated Short Messaging Services no longer showing as unread in the device’s messaging counter. SMS problems due to low memory are also resolved, as well us issues on Exchange account sync.

What to expect from Version 4.06.605.3

The Version 4.06.605.3 on the other hand, have several enhancements such as Download Manager App, App and Power Management Details, and Improved Word Selection and Copy functionality.

The new Download Manager App allows you to manage all of the data you downloaded from web browsing, email attachments, and other files downloaded for other installed apps. The App and Power Management details on the other hand, allows you to check the list of running application and how much memory they are using. The last enhancement which is the improved word selection and copy functionality allows you to select a word via press-hold, and copy it by pressing the button for the second time.

The HTC software update also includes improved messaging performance such as ability to save audio files from MMS messages as well as play audio files from it. MMS are now sent correctly, plus you can attach VCard and send it to your contacts via SMS.

Other features include the ability to use camera features without the need to insert SD card, as well as change songs from the phone’s music widget by pressing the forward button.

The new software updates offered by HTC shouldn’t be missed out by Droid Incredible users, especially since these updates are tightly packed with amazing new features.