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Good marketing is more than airing the best commercials, orchestrating the most outrageous publicity stunts, or unleashing the biggest ad budget. Sometimes good marketing is simply a matter of seizing the moment and showing that you care about your customers more than the next guy.

That’s exactly what HTC did for a Reddit user who had a bad experience with a Galaxy S4 and the support he received from Samsung.

TweektheGeek's device

TweektheGeek’s device

Long story short, TweektheGeek’s Galaxy S4 overheated and partially melted one night, without apparent reason. The Redditor got in contact with Samsung, and initially, he was very satisfied with the company’s response. Samsung promised him he would be sent a replacement unit, along with a box for mailing back the damaged device for inspection.

A month later, TweektheGeek reported back that, while he received the mail-back box, he didn’t ever get the Galaxy S4 that Samsung’s reps promised to him. That’s where Leigh Momii, a product manager with HTC, jumped in.

Leigh offered TweektheGeek a free HTC One (M8) under one condition – if Samsung ever sends him the replacement Galaxy S4, the redditor will donate it to a charity of his choice. Oh, and she made it clear that she can’t offer free smartphones to everyone who’s been through a similar problem. TweektheGeek gladly accepted the gift.

Sure, you can look at HTC’s actions like just a PR move meant to gain some goodwill from a community of tech-minded people that are likely to influence the buying decisions of many others. Even knowing that, it’s still nice to see, however, that a large company takes an interest in the problems of average users.

We’ve reached out to Samsung to see what happened on its side and we’ll update if we get a response. As the biggest smartphone maker in the world, Samsung’s devices are often involved in similar incidents. Maybe having a competitor take advantage of stories likes this one will help Samsung – and every other smartphone maker – realize the importance of proper customer care.

Bogdan Petrovan
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