There is no denying it, tablets and the increased number of available smartphones have quickly ate away a lot of the early appeal of netbooks. With that in mind, today sees the announcement of a netbook that is marketed towards UK students, the 10-inch GoNote.

This netbook is designed by Ergo Electronics and is basically just an Android ICS touch-screen tablet that also happens to be a laptop. The GoNote certainly isn’t the first gadget to do something like this, though it might be the first to take aim specifically at the education market with an Android touch-laptop. The GoNote is intended for use by students that need an affordable laptop that works with Android apps and can also be used for typing reports and other homework. The suggested retail price is £149.99, or $187 U.S. Dollars.

The actual hardware in this thing isn’t half-bad either, with 8GB onboard storage, MicroSD, a 1024 x 600 resolution, a full color LED backlit screen, WIFI and Google Play. This is probably the only Android laptop, that I know of, that actually has official support for the Google Play store, so that’s a big plus right there. This means the GoNote can not only have access to educational apps, but tons of great games and a heck of a lot more. Also included is Kingsoft Office, which offers the ability to create Office-compatible documents.

What would make this perfect would be the ability to fold back into a true tablet, though it doesn’t seem to be a feature the GoNote currently possesses. Add that function, and there actually could be a market for such a device, even outside of education. What do you think of the GoNote?