Here’s something new and fresh: GoJo Hands Free Headset—where hands-free is defined as REAL hands-free.

At first, we thought that GoJo was a spoof. But after a few minutes of research, we found out that it is VERY REAL. In fact, it calls itself as ‘the only phone accessory on earth that’s truly hands free.’ It works not only with cell phones and cordless phones but also with a 5 lbs. tablet!

What’s more is that it doesn’t require batteries or any wires—it’s simply a flexible plastic headset that you can slip over your head in one hand. When you receive a call, you can connect your phone to the headset using the suction cup and you’re all set!


The GoJo hands-free headset is a typical as-see-on-TV offer that’s available for $10 for a couple of headsets and 1 supergrip mat. As a promo, they’re throwing in another pair of headsets and supergrip mat.

Check out the video below:

Christine Torralba
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