It might be because of the growing risks for apps in the Android Market, but we really find it such a coincidence that Google has launched a beta program known as the Android Training. This new program is actually a collection of lectures designed to provide mobile developers help in producing better apps. One reason why Google has decided to put up the training is because they have learned from the public that Android apps are generally perceived inferior to iOS apps. Through the training, Google hopes developers find a way to produce more functional, sexier, and slicker apps worthy of notice.

The Android Developer Relations team will be spearheading the 11 basic classes of the Android Training. To make the training easier, the program has provided sample code and code snippets which developers can use in making better quality apps. Here is a starter list of the program:

  • Designing for multiple screens
  • Improving layout performance
  • Managing audio playback
  • Optimizing battery life
  • Remembering users
  • Sharing content
  • Capturing photos
  • Maintaining multiple APKs
  • Developing for enterprise
  • Monetizing your app
  • Designing effective navigation

When it comes to designing for multiple screens the attached photo depicts the sample code developers need when using RelativeLayout. Through the code, they get to specify the special relationships amongst each component of the layout.


Before it came up with the program, Google already made an extra effort to identify the biggest problems its Android developers go through. On the list include screen sizes, fragmentation, design, and monetization. With the help of the training, developers get a way to learn how to properly design for multiple screens, which is actually a huge advantage when they use it on the Android 4.0 ICS OS.

After developing the screens, the developers are expected to know how they can make the app perform better. As such, they need to take the next class on the above mentioned list, which is improving layout performance.

Prerequisites for Android Training

If you are interested in taking the Android Training, there are some prerequisites you need to comply with. To give you an easier time understanding the entire process, you will be required to have a basic understanding of writing code and developing an Android user interface. Take note that the Android Training will not give you a crash course on how you can make Android apps. Rather, it has been created for developers who need a refresher course in fine-tuning their apps. However, you can expect Google to produce more beginner and advanced classes in the near future.

If the purpose of Google in creating the training program is to abide with chairman Eric Schmidt’s recent prediction on mobile developers writing code for Android in the middle of 2012, there is something crucial they need to do first. This is to bridge the gap in terms of the public’s perception on the quality of iOS vs Android apps.

If you’re a mobile developer, what do you think about this training program? Do you think Android Training can help you create your own apps in the future? Do Android apps stand a chance against the quality of iOS apps in 2012? Let us know in the comments below.


[Source: Read Write Web]