image_76Back at the MWC during February we reported on Google’s demonstration of the up-and-coming Gmail application for mobile devices, specially Android based and the iPhone. Things have finally come to fruition for the search giant, who recently demonstrated a refined version of the software on the HTC Magic running Android at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last week and have now posted an official blog entry about the whole thing on the Google Mobile Blog.

This neat little package allows Gmail users to access their email through increasingly streamlined means. As we reported back in February, the technology behind the software steams from HTML 5.0 and Gears. This will, in principle, allow the new Gmail to run on many phones through a web-browser, and not just those powered by Android or the iPhone/iPod Touch software. Expect things like off-line email access and floating tool-bars (housing archive and delete functions) that follow you as you scroll through your emails. This reduces finger swipes, saving your little digits from over exerting themselves.

There are plenty of other improves to boot, including improved labelling and layout. The new Gmail mobile is currently only available for Android based devices and the more up to date Apple devices. However, Google seem to favour a web-based solutions approach as opposed to native applications because it enables them to reach a wide audience more easily as other phones improve their web-browsers.

If you are running Android, give it ago by browsing to from your mobile browser.