GMail redesign

The crew over at Android Police have made an interesting discovery. In a session dubbed “structure in Android App Design”, a screenshot of the new GMail for Android appeared. That screenshot, which is full screen, reminds us of something. A few things, really.

First, it’s a lot like the other apps Google has recently updated. Full screen, with a slide out menu from the left. The bottom bar is missing, in favor of that slide-out screen. The ‘new email’ and ‘search’ buttons have been moved to the top, along with the three-dot menu button.

It also seems to confirm what we discussed earlier about a GMail redesign. Google may not have gone with gestures completely, but they have given us another beautiful redesign. If you’re questioning the validity of this, that’s fair, but just hold off on that.

There were other sessions which showed a few redesigned services as well. Android Police seem to think the slides were built at a time when Android 4.3 was set to be released at I/O, and thus the screenshots coincided with that. I’d have to agree, after speaking with Googlers at I/O. It seems all systems were go for Android 4.3, but it was left out at the last minute.

Watch the video, and let us know your thoughts. At about 22 minutes in, you start to see the new screens. The redesign is nice, and further hints at a total UI shift. If you watch a bit further, it looks like Calendar is getting the same treatment. These are exciting times for Android fans, no doubt.

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