Google has announced that three new features that were available in Gmail Labs have graduated from the testing phase and are now available for general Gmail users, including “send and archive,” “quote selected text” and “default reply to all.”

The new “send and archive” feature lets you send the new sent email directly to archives from both the compose as well as the reply screen.

The default reply to all feature, as its name suggests, lets you send sends a default reply to everyone included in the conversation. Lastly, the new quote feature lets you add in quotation style only the text selected from a received email while pressing the reply button instead of the full email, which not only saves time but also highlights the text you want to refer to.

As a Gmail user I am happy to see the introduction of these new features in my mail dashboard, as they will be very useful for me, and I am sure most of you think the same way. There are several other features currently being tested in Gmail Labs that we would love to see on the main website too, but we’ll talk about them once Google promotes them as well.

Will you be using these new Gmail features?

Varun Raj
Varun loves to play with new technology as his bread and butter. He has been advising telecom, media and entertainment companies for more than over 4 years. He currently works at a large consulting organization in Silicon Valley amidst all the action. He has been following Android since it first launched and loves to play around with it in his free time.