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Redesigned Gmail interface shown in new leak, is this the real deal?

A new set of images show off a redesigned Gmail interface which falls in line with what we've already seen in the Google Plus update.
May 23, 2014

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that suggest Google is gearing up for a major design language redesign, which should fully go into effect by the time the next major version of Android rolls around. In particular we’ve seen several leaks suggesting possible new looks for Gmail, and more recently Google+ even received a major update that saw some very noticeable design changes.

Before the Google+ update hit bringing us a revised look, Yoel Kaseb took to Google+ with a series of screenshots showing of a revamped interface. While not everything from these shots were correct, the revamped interface proved to be pretty close to the actual update that Google pushed out. And now Kaseb is back again.

This time around, Kaseb brings us a series of images that show off an updated Gmail. While this redesign doesn’t match up with some of the earlier rumored Gmail update leaks, there’s still a good chance the images are legit. For starters, Yoel Kaseb was (mostly) right about the Google+ update. For another, the new Gmail look falls in line with what we’re already seeing from Google+.

Of course, until the update actually rolls out, we’d still take all of this with a grain of salt. We wouldn’t be surprised if a Gmail update arrives in short order, but there’s no guarantees that the above leaked images are actually the real deal. What do you think of the new look, if this leak is correct, impressed or not?