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Gmail, Google Calendar data can now be easily downloaded via Google Takeout

Google has announced that it will let its users easily download Gmail and Google Calendar data. Read on for more details!
December 5, 2013
Gmail, Google Calendar data

Google on Thursday announced that it will let customers download even more data from their Google accounts, adding support for Gmail emails and Google Calendar appointments to Google Takeout.

Whether it’s for local backup or for moving to non-Google services, Google will now let you take all your emails with you, as well as calendar entries and use them as you see fit. The data will still remain on Google’s servers until you decide to delete it, or delete the account.

Gmail export, which will be rolled out over the next month, will let you export data including labels in MBOX format, which can then be use with other email services.

Calendar data can be downloaded right away in iCalendar format, and used with other applications.

Google will let you download either all the contents in Gmail or Calendar, or specific subsets of labels and calendars.

As Ars Technica points out, you could download Gmail and Calendar data before, but the process wasn’t exactly user-friendly, whereas now everyone will be able to do it.

In addition to Gmail and Google Calendar, users can also download other data from their Google Accounts including services like Google+, YouTube and Google Drive. Furthermore, Google will let you download all your account data in a single archive file, if you so desire.