Remember those canned replies to text messages on feature phones? This is exactly that idea, but this time, it’s for Gmail.  Why the native Gmail Android app doesn’t provide it is a mystery. However, up until now, many have just gone to an accessible desktop or phone browser, copied, pasted and hit ‘sent’. Problem solved.

When on the move, this is not an affordable solution and this is where Gmail Canned Responses BETA fits in. While we’d like to think the folks at Google are delinquent in their development of such a handy tool, the fact is: they are probably watching the 3rd party developer to implement their own changes and then release something better.

Again, this is as easy as 3-4 taps to send out that important email. It’s not the best answer to the problem of having little time to sit down and crafting an email, but it’s the best we have for now. When using the Gmail Android app, give this handy  workaround a try, won’t you? Let us know how it goes so we can update our readers.