gmail android app update

The web version of Gmail has long had ads in the sidebar, which Google, somehow controversially, serves based on the content of your messages. More recently, the company launched a new type of Gmail ads that show up as email messages in the separate Promotions inbox.

While the Gmail for Android app has been free of ads so far, it looks like Google might be changing that in the close future. The folks at Android Police uncovered multiple fragments of code that contain references to ads in the newly updated Gmail for Android app.

It’s unclear from the code fragments how the app will incorporate the ads, though it’s possible that the promotional content will only show up in the Promotions inbox, just like on the web app. For what is worth, Google seems to be baking in settings that would allow users to control how ads are displayed in Gmail for Android.

Along with many other apps, Google updated Gmail for Android to version 4.6 last Wednesday. The update, which is still rolling as of this writing, brings a new card-based interface for conversations, a way to select multiple messages, and several other smaller tweaks.

Bogdan Petrovan
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