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I personally know a few people that own a 7-inch tablet (and I’m not exclusively referring to owners of the Google Nexus 7) and are dissatisfied with how their Gmail app runs and looks. Fortunately, today I’m the bearer of a bit of news that might give these people a reason to rejoice, as Google have recently announced that they’ve updated the Gmail app for a better experience on 7-inch screens.

Besides improved 7-inch display support, the new Gmail app update also brings some bug fixes, as well as less visible improvements to the general performance of the app. Unfortunately, for reasons that are beyond me (or any official Google statement for that matter) pinch to zoom is still unavailable.

Once you download the new update (here’s a Google Play link) and use the app for a little while, please make sure to come back here and let us know if this new update is what you’ve been craving for. Thoughts and Google hate comments should be shared in the comment section below!

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