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Glove app helps you figure out which U.S. cellular provider is best for you

Glove is a special app designed to monitor your location data and determine which carrier is best for you. Currently the service only works in parts of New York city and the San Francisco Bay area. Keep reading to learn more!
February 19, 2014

When it comes to choosing the right carrier for you, a lot of factors probably come to play such as pricing, customer service, and network reliability. If that last factor is very important to you (which we imagine it is), you might want to check out the new app, Glove.

So what exactly is Glove? It is a special app designed to monitor your location habits for three days, using crowdsourced reports and other data to make a recommendation as to what carrier is really best for you. The app factors both voice and data performance into its final decision.

Once the three day period is up, you will receive an email recommending which service is best for you, and showing you (in order) how the other remaining three compare. From the email, you’ll find information that can help you get started with making the switch.

Since Glove is ad-free and free-to-use, the company gets paid an affiliation fee when you click on a new carrier and make a switch, though the developer promises this doesn’t affect the recommendations the app makes.

At the moment, the app is fairly limited due to only working in parts of two major cities in the United States. It’s also one of those apps that is really only useful the first time you use it, or when you move to a new location. Still, we have to admit the idea behind the app is pretty cool, and here’s to hoping that the service expands to more locations in the months to come.

To check out the app for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play!