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Glimmr: Feature-rich and beautiful Flickr client for Android

November 20, 2012

Photography today has been one of the most enjoyed hobbies. Whether you are using a DSLR camera to take visually-enticing photos or you prefer using your phone’s camera to take snapshots of every day moments, photos are all the same — they all tell a story. We take photos because we want to preserve a certain memory or a particular moment that surely won’t happen again in the future. And, because more and more people enjoy taking snapshots of their loved ones, or anything for that matter, a lot of Android apps dedicated to both photography and photo organization are swarming the Google Play Store.

One photo client that surely some, if not most of you have, is Flickr. The photo sharing service from Yahoo! is greatly populated by a ton of users. A number of other apps in the Google Play Store are quite similar to the service, but another Flickr client for Android emerges out of the bunch — Glimmr.

What makes Glimmr stand out from the rest of the Flickr-inspired apps in the Google Play Store? Apart from its beautiful layout, the app sports a Holo theme.

Glimmr lets you view, edit, and share your photos from Flickr. To use the app, you have to log in using your Yahoo! ID and from there, the photos from your Flickr account will be synced.

What’s good about Glimmr is that its photo thumbnails are larger than the normal photo thumbnail sizes. You certainly won’t have any difficulty looking for some photos now that the sizes are adequately bigger.

When you click on a photo, the photo will be enlarged and its title will appear on the upper left-hand corner. Icons are also visible below the photo. Each icon has functions — one for comments, one for marking the photo as a favorite, one for the photo’s EXIF info (provided that the photo is taken with a camera or your device’s camera), and an icon for sharing the photo.

If you have friends that also use Flickr and you have them as contacts in your Flickr account, their photos can also be viewed using this app. Your photo sets in Flickr may also be viewed using this app, as well as the photos from your groups.

The EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) info icon shows you the metadata of the photo. The basic info of the photo such as the ISO value, shutter, and aperture are presented, as well as other data like brightness, orientation, exposure, and a lot more. This feature is very useful if you want to have the same ISO value, aperture, and whatnot the next time you go and take a photo.

The Share icon allows you to share your photos in numerous ways. You can share the photo through Bluetooth, Facebook, Tumblr, and yes, the list goes on. Sharing photos to other people who are not part of your contacts in Flickr is made possible with this option.

Glimmr’s interface is something you’ll get to love the moment you launch the app and use it. With its Holo theme, the app boasts a clean and sleek interface that gives you none of the clutter but more of the tidy and organized look.

Apart from its clean interface, you can tweak some of the settings to suit your preferences. You can choose to have the app notify you if your contacts upload new photos and you can even set the app’s sync interval from having it every 15 minutes or just once a day for you to see fresh content from the web.

Download Glimmr today and access all your Flickr photos in style with its Holo theme. If you want another variation from the Flickr app, Glimmr will surely sate that little need.

It also has a paid version that gives users the option to use high-quality thumbnails. The paid version is more of a donation version of the app but sooner or later, we can all expect more goodies to be present only in the paid version of this app.

Glimmr can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.