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Glass Explorers will receive free hardware refresh later this year

Today Google announced that Glass Explorers will soon have the chance to exchange their Google glasses for a brand new version with an improved design. Keep reading for more details!
October 28, 2013
google glass video

Ever since the first Google Glass explorer devices rolled out, Google has been working hard to dramatically evolve the software and add new features along the way. Now it’s time for the hardware to evolve a bit as well.

Today Google announced that Google Glass explorers will soon be given the opportunity to exchange their existing hardware for a new unit, with no extra costs involved. The new unit is designed to “work with future lines of shades and prescription frames”. Additionally, the new hardware has a mono earbud that is said to produce an improved listening experience.

Google makes no mention of any major internal changes beyond the speaker, so mostly the new Google Glasses have minor cosmetic/design changes that will probably make the device closer in line to what Google brings with the commercial version of Glass.

When will Explorers get the chance to upgrade? Google hasn’t given a specific date just yet beyond “later this year”. Google does clarify that once the new version is made available, Explorers will have sixty days to register for the exchange.

Outside of the news of a new Google Glass hardware, the Glass team also announced they are giving Explorers three new invites so they can bring more of their friends and family over to the Explorer program. Of course new explorers will still have to pay $1500 to get their hands on the glasses.

Last but not least, Google also took the time to bring us a new video showing off various content filmed by Glass Explorers all across the United States.

Between the new hardware update, Google’s Glass Tour and continued release of software updates, Google is really starting to kick things in gear and setting the stage for the eventual commercial release of Glass. We’re pretty excited to see what the future brings, what about you?

Are you planning on picking up Glass when it goes commercial?