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If you attended Google I/O 2012 and happened to hand over $1,500 promising that you’d buy Glass or if you were one of the 8,000 selected in Google’s recent #IfIHadGlass contest, you’ll be happy to know your time is about to finally arrive. Someone close to the matter spoke with TechCrunch, informing them that Glass Explorers shall be receiving their wearable tech within the next month. The timing for this couldn’t be any more perfect as Google I/O 2013 is just around the corner  in San Francisco from May 15th to 17th. Glass will most likely be an extremely hot topic and even a center stage event next month. Getting Glass to developers seems like a smart move as Google wants developers to be excited for Glass.

[quote qtext=”Smart entrepreneurs and engineers are going to develop amazing experiences through Glass.” qperson=”Bill Maris,  Google Ventures” qposition=”right”]

Glass is one of the most innovative ideas with mobile technology since the mobile phone debuted 40 years ago. If you have an innovative idea for Glass and you are looking for funding, Google just might have a solution for you. Today, Google Ventures launched the “Glass Collective” in collaboration with Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The Glass Collective is an investment group set out to provide seed capital to Glass entrepreneurs, to help them get started on their projects.

Things are about to get really exciting. As  a Glass Explorer, I’m like a giddy school girl over today’s announcements. I can’t wait.

Derek Ross
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