Buying for apps and other content on Google Play isn’t the easiest thing to do for folks who don’t have credit cards or simply don’t want to whip them out to buy games and apps – among other things. The same plight is faced by non-U.S. customers whose payment options are even more severely limited. However, it looks Google is ready to give customers what they really, really want: the ability to use gift cards to make Google Play purchases.

Android Police has unearthed some hidden images and links from the latest Google Play APK that suggest gift cards will be a part of the digital store experience. You can see in the screenshot above that there’s now a menu option on a selected app to redeem gift cards. Also uncovered is the new wish list feature on Google Play, which lets you add any apps and content that you come across on Google Play for future purchasing.

We don’t know when Google is going to “activate” the two new features, but given that they’re already there, we think it’ll be sooner rather than later. There’s no doubt that adding gift cards to the service will help developers and other content providers rack up more sales.

Excited that you can soon use gift cards on Google Play? Will this persuade you to spend more on the store?