Malware’s a pain in the ass. Everyone knows it and tries to avoid. Still, it’s called malware for a reason – and the people behind it are pretty cunning in their efforts to infect your devices. Take for example the latest piece of malware that has surfaced. Called GGTracker, it enters your device by the simple trick of fooling you into thinking that its the Android Market. Take a look at the picture below:

How it operates is this: if you ever click on a malicious in-app advertisement, your browser will open to the URL above, hoping to fool you into installing the app. Another version is one that purports to be some type of porn app. Both of these end with the malware being install into your system. From there, it signs you up for premium text messaging service, which leads to extra charges on your cell phone bill.


Here are some simple precautions to stop you from getting infected:

a) Disable sideloading completely

b) Be aware of what’s going on. Remember that the Android Market never opens in your browser and will never prompt you to download anything.

Both may be pretty obvious precautions, still a lot of people are not aware of them. Malware spreads through ignorance, and with the popularity of free apps, and the carelessness of some people, expect to see a lot of infected devices. That’s why you have to remember to be alert and wary when it comes to downloading and installing programs or apps to your devices. You never know what you’ll get.

Source: The Lookout Blog


Aerol Bibat
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