Finding out what’s happening on the other side of the world has become more than just a curious inquiry now that there’s such a thing as a global economy. The usual way to do it would be to drop by several regional sites and tap into the local current events and weather. Now it’s entirely possible to access and collect all this information on your Android mobile device through one app called Global Feed. The central feature of this program is the interactive 3D globe displayed on the main page. This serves as the map that shows which news comes from what country, based on what search categories you initially set.

Searching for news and weather

Tap on the Choose Topic option found at the bottom of the app’s main page. This will display a list of various categories with a pretty good range and includes such items as ‘columnists’, ‘entertainment’ and ‘industry’. You can put a check on whichever category you’re interested in to narrow your search. Tap Choose Topic again to begin the process of downloading the pertinent information.

Reading the globe

When relevant news matches your search, markers show up on the globe that represent which specific countries or cities such news can be found. There’s a number on each marker that indicates how many news match. If you picked ‘weather’ as a category, the globe displays the typical symbols found in most weather broadcasts.

You can rotate the globe and zoom in on a location to get a more detailed view. When you select a marker, a bar connected by a white line to the marker appears on top of the page and displays the headline. If there’s more than one relevant news item, you can swipe this bar to view the other headlines.

Other features

You also have the option of doing your search using keywords. A great thing about this app is that it comes with its own built-in browser. That means you don’t have to navigate away from the program and launch a separate browser app. Tapping on the star symbol at the top of the page allows you to save whatever articles you’ve found in a favorites folder for later reading. There are also built-in options to share news you’ve gathered through Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Take note that there’s a free and a paid version of this app and the former is ad supported. If you don’t want to be bothered by ads, you only have to shelve out $0.99 USD.

Via addictivetips