Android Notifier Setup

Android Notifier Setup

The Android blog-o-sphere has recently picked up on a cool new application that replicates some of the function of the oldskool Sony Ericsson orientated floAt’s Mobile Agent, only better. All you need is the ‘Android-notifier’ application for your Android device, and the accompanying desktop application on your computer of choice.

‘Android-notifier’ runs on Windows, MAC or Linux and will inform you, right on your computer screen, when you have an incoming call, sms, mms, low battery or new voicemail. I’m currently testing the application on my MAC, where it interfaces with the Growl MAC technology to bring notifications to my attention. Because I’m not as popular as I once was, I haven’t actually received any sms or phone calls since installing the app, but there is a handy ‘ping’ feature I can use on my phone which sends a test notifications to my computer. The reassures me that the whole thing is working.

I tried configuring the application set-up to work over Bluetooth with no luck. However, I am confident that this is due to pre-existing Bluetooth issues that I have faced on my MAC before. The alternative option was to use the direct IP connection either over WiFi or ‘Send over cell network’ . Because my office computer has its very own permanent unique IP address to the outside world, this will work quite nicely for me.

For an indepth how-to guide on installing this tidy little app click here.

[Via: Life Hacker]