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How to get a Snapchat streak back

Losing a Snapstreak feels bad, but you might be able to get it back.
February 28, 2023

Snapstreaks, indicated by a fire emoji next to a friend’s name, have become a staple indicator of well-maintained communication on Snapchat. While a lengthy Snapchat streak only represents a superficial bragging right, seeing one disappear can be disheartening. Now, if you lose a Snapstreak, not all hope is lost. You and your friend could appeal to Snapchat to try and reclaim that Snapstreak. Let’s review how to get a Snapchat streak back.


To get a Snapchat streak back, go to the Snapchat Support website. Go to Contact Us > I lost my Snapstreak. Fill out your Username, Email, Mobile Number, Device, Friend's Username, When you started having the issue, How long your Snapstreak was before it expired, Whether you saw the hourglass icon before your Snapstreak disappeared, and Description. Click Submit when finished.


Can I get my lost Snapchat streak back?

snapstreak snapchat streak in My Friends list example
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Losing a Snapchat streak can be disheartening. However, before you consider contacting Snapchat Support, you must know why you lost your Snapchat streak.

When you and a friend exchange Snaps, or pictures taken and directly sent through Snapchat, that data is sent through Snapchat’s servers. When both Snaps sent are logged as dispatching within 24 hours, Snapchat’s servers see that and add a day to your Snapstreak.

If there’s a connectivity issue, you or your friend may think your Snap went through and was logged as a count towards the Snapstreak. However, if Snapchat’s servers can’t recognize the data coming through, they may consider it an error and it won’t count towards your Snapstreak. These kinds of errors that encompass connectivity, hardware, or bugs — genuine issues that cannot be fixed on the user’s end — can be reported to Snapchat. In turn, your Snapstreak may be restored.

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Conversely, if you or your friend had the opportunity to send a Snap within 24 hours and failed to do so, your Snapstreak will end naturally. In these cases, you can still try to appeal to Snapchat; however, there is a low chance of success. Your Snapstreak was supposed to end, and it did.

How to ask Snapchat to get your streak back

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Before appealing to Snapchat Support to try and get your Snapstreak back, know that this method won’t work all of the time. Plus, if this method succeeds, don’t get in the habit of breaking Snapstreaks and appealing for their reclamation. It’s regularly considered a one-time thing, so if you’ve appealed for a Snapstreak back before, you may not get that chance again.

Go to the Snapchat Support site. From the options along the left, click Contact Us.

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Under Submit a request, select I lost my Snapstreak.

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Get your account details ready. Fill out the following fields:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Device
  • Friend’s Username 
  • When you started having the issue
  • How long your Snapstreak was before it expired
  • Whether you saw the hourglass icon before your Snapstreak disappeared
give your username and details
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Finally, outline your situation in the Description box. Provide as many details as possible, and try to provide evidence.

When finished, click Submit to file your ticket.

description then submit to file ticket
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