What’s next for HTC? This was the question last time after they sent invites for their press event this coming 12th of April. At first, we did not know why they would be conducting a press event in the UK. But now, it looks like that one of the main reasons why they will be conducting this event has been revealed. Indeed, the HTC Pyramid will be making its debut in the UK next week. However, it will not be launched as the HTC Pyramid but rather it will be known as the HTC Sensation. Whatever you call it, this particular smartphone from HTC is rather exciting or rather, sensational.

There have been rumors about the HTC Pyramid/Sensation that it would be most likely one of the first dual core smartphones that will be available soon on the European markets. Also, the HTC Pyramid/Sensation is alleged to have quite a substantial screen with it sporting a 4.3-inch display and qHD resolution. With 768MB RAM, you’ll surely enjoy apps and games installed. Add it up with the latest Sense 3.0 and twin cameras and it will surely capture your smile once you have it in your hands. All of these specs seem vague, but for now just hold tight until HTC’s Press Event. Got any thoughts?