Have you ever heard of HBO Go? If you love watching HBO and your Android device, then this will come as pretty good news for you, Last 18th of February, HBO launched HBO Go, a website which highlights 600 hours of videos available for streaming in standard or high definition, and will bring all your favorite shows to you on the go. Videos include HBO’s original programming, movies, documentaries, comedy specials, sports, and “for adults only” programming. HBO Go can be accessed by HBO subscribers of Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse, as well as Google TV.

The HBO Go application for your Android devices will be unveiled this forthcoming May 2, 2011 although it seems quite unclear if it will actually be available on that particular day. When HBO introduced HBO Go via video, it flashed a date “05.02.11” at the end of the video but it hasn’t clearly stated whether or not an actual app will be available on that date.

Most recently, it looks like HBO Go’s debut has been confirmed thanks to the Twitter account of Direct TV. And yes, it will be on May 2, 2011. There will be no doubt that you will enjoy watching your favorite blockbuster hits wherever you want to be! However, there are no official claims from providers as to which devices are going to have access of the app yet.

There’s also a question that remains – how performance and power hungry will the app be? While we highly doubt it will require a dual-core processor, we still think Android devices sold within, say the last one and a half years will be able to support it. As with all speculation, time will finally tell. We’ll just have to wait until its launch then we’ll know.

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Source: AndroidCentral