Google recently unveiled its newest creation, Google Visual Search, during a television special which aired on CNBC called “Inside the Mind of Google”.  Using an Android phone, the new Google_Eye_50383stechnology will allow users to take a picture of anything, and Google will return search results and information based on that image.  Examples given include a piece of art in a Paris museum, a coffeehouse, and the Santa Monica Pier.  Internally called “Google Goggles”, it is an expanded idea from their facial recognition technology brought on by Google’s acquisition of Neven Vision.  Originally unsuccessful with study groups in August, Google is hard at work building the database required to move the project forward.  Currently, there is no release date on the service.

Currently, I can think of 2 apps that perform the same function on a smaller scale, SnapTell and PlinkArt.  SnapTell provides this service with media such as movies and music, but also includes books.  PlinkArt provides it for art.  Both of these apps are extremely useful and I cannot wait to see what Google can do with this technology on a grand scale.  I am also curious to see if the exclusivity to Android will hold, as this is a technology that should be embraced by all platforms for Google’s and consumer’s best interests.

If you missed the original airing of the program on December 3rd, you can tune in as it is shown again on CNBC at the following times:  Saturday, December 5th at 7PM ET and Sunday, December 6th at 10PM ET.  During the program there is a small demo of the Google Visual Search in action as well as an inside tour of the GooglePlex.

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